Get Professional Ecommerce Platform
Development for As Low As $7,500!

Setup ecommerce platform

Choose between: Magento 2, Shopify, BigCommerce

Organize and load your catalog

Import products from a spreadsheet you provide, or training on how to.

Why is this important?
Preparing your product data is critical for your customers successful shopping experience. The Categories & Attributes controls the quality of your search & filter features, as well as the SEO quality of your site.

Configure an attractive theme

Install and configure a theme to match existing branding you may have. Incorporate your images and content within home and category pages.

How custom will my design be?
Endertech uses high quality premium themes that provide CMS tools for layout and color scheme. The beauty and attractiveness of your images and text will largely control how custom your design feels.

Help configure your commerce settings

Payments – Assistance setting up accounts and configuring major gateways such as, PayPal, AmazonPay, Braintree, Stripe, etc.
Shipping – Assistance setting up shipping APIs and configuring shipping rules from common carriers.
Sales Tax – Assistance setting up account and configuring automated sales tax calculations and compliance.
Policies – Assistance setting up email recipients and standard policy pages with content and information you provide.
Customer Support Contact, Order Processing Contact, Website Terms of Service, Privacy and Returns Policy

Train you and your staff

Catalog Management – How to properly add & edit products and images for best results.
Order Processing – How to manage the order fulfillment workflow.
Content Management – How to manage content on your home and category pages.
Promotions – How to create price rules.


Magento 2 Vs. Shopify or BigCommerce

Base price $7,500

Ongoing Support Pricing:

Magento 2


Shopify or BigCommerce

Installed & configured on your own cloud server
24/7 monitoring + nightly backup
Free SSL certificate
Automatic security patches, minor version upgrades
Access to support ticketing system
One hour per month for general support

Magento 2

The leading open source ecommerce system. Full-featured out of the box with thousands extra features available. Own your software opposed to leasing. Your own cloud server means your site can grow with your business. There is no limit with Magento.

Shopify and BigCommerce

Specific features of these platforms may appeal to some business owners. Easier to use admin interface, particularly for self-help extension installation.
*Bundled into the platform’s monthly subscription fee

Endertech’s ecommerce development process

1. Consulting

Getting Organized

Our developers first need to understand your products and your goals. Structuring your catalog properly is the first order of business, as it affects so much else down the road. From there, we focus on user experience, marketing considerations, and whatever initiatives are your priority.

2. Design

Plans and Visuals Clarify Direction

With the team all on the same page about the nature of your business and your objectives, we turn to designing solutions. These can be frontend visual or backend logistic in nature depending on the task. The outcome of the design phase will be clear directions for our Los Angeles Ecommerce developers.

3. Development

Plans Ready, Time to Build

With the clarity achieved through our design plans, our developers will be assigned and our project managers will push the project through to completion. You will receive regular status updates all along the way.

4. Deployment & Support

We’re There for You

Our technical practices will ensure a smooth deployment with minimal, or no downtime. From there, we remain ready to support, whether through SEO, digital marketing support, or continuing enhancements to improve conversions on your site.