Website Development and Software Maintenance in Los Angeles

“The Dev in Your Back Pocket”

Website maintenance helps manage your site’s on-going evolution. We’ll implement your requested changes in a timely manner while introducing fresh ideas, security patches, and best-practices for your consideration.

Website Edits and Changes

Our “dev in your back pocket” team works on your design needs and requests. Endertech can handle both design and development aspects of website upkeep or enhancement. Our agile, multidisciplinary teams work under one roof to maximize efficiency and integration. We define maintenance as the period between active projects. That period can include anything you desire; from smaller features, UX improvements, marketing, to just having a trusted agency on-call should a need arise.

Maintenance (Pay as You Go)

We’ve found that it’s best for a client to have a retainer of available monthly hours. That way we plan a commitment of hours each month to your website, and you have the confidence that the “dev in your back pocket” website support is there for you as needed. Additionallly, the more consistently you make changes and add new content, the more often search engines like Google and Bing will crawl your site and refresh their indexing of your content, helping to improve your search performance.

Image Creation and UI Updating

Maintenance can also mean image updates. Keeping your cadence fresh visually is a key way to demonstrate the vibrancy of your brand. Your “dev in your back pocket” team can take your latest creations and activate them onto your site to convey freshness in both sight and thought.

Redesign & Enhancements

The best to stay ahead of your competition is with some proactive enhancements to your site. Keep on top of your analytics, interpret that data, be aware of your users’ feedback, both the kind that is said, and the kind that can be implied to decipher where to redesign and what features and services to enhance. Then have your “dev in the back pocket” team implement those additions, tweaks, and new features that keep your site feeling alive and your visitors interested and coming back for more.

Plugin Setup and Customization

Security and functionality. Your Endertech “dev in your back pocket” prides itself on proactively keeping the proverbial ear to the ground regarding any and all enhancements, updates, and patches. Typically, our cloud hosting and dev maintenance clients enjoy same day implementations when their website is deemed eligible for a just announced or just released update.

Advanced Programming Services

Maintenance need not just be skin deep. Feel free to use those retainer hours to commission advance programming and deeper development. We call this low simmer development. Others think of it as simulated discovery. Either way, you benefit from a persistent focus involving on-going development and enhancement. Arriving at a great website doesn’t happen overnight; it requires process, practice, collaboration, and time.


Security concerns responsible website owners should be asking: Have you installed an SSL/TLS public certificate to secure your site and protect your customers. Has it since expired? Are servers up-to-date? Has the server hosting your site applied the necessary patches; is all their security up-to-date so the environment is secure? Is your site running on the latest platform version?

  • Modules up to date?
  • Extensions up to date?
  • Plugins up to date?
  • Hosting secure?

How to Check if Your Site is Safe and Sound