Apache HTTPD Consulting & Web Server Administration

Apache is the world’s leading software program for web servers (or more technically, Hypertext Transfer Protocol a.k.a. “HTTP”). Apache provides the glue between your website visitor’s requests and the logic of your website.

It is responsible for recognizing a web page request, locating the file on the server, and returning the output of that file to a browser. Relatedly, a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon (“HTTPD”) sits on your server awaiting incoming server requests and automatically sends the results out using HTTP.

EnderTech is a Los Angeles Database Developer with an in-house team of designers and developers experienced in Apache, HTTP and HTTPD.

Why Should you use Endertech?

You will benefit from our in-depth expertise in Apache setup, configuration and operation. Apache is both critical to making the most of your server and web applications as well as being vital to: URL rewriting, CGI processing, PHP program execution, SSL security, log files, system security and much more when it comes to your website performing at its best.

The efficient, cost-effective service and quality production that result from EnderTech’s professional processes will also be to your benefit.

From beginning to completion of a project you can count on communication, the setting of objective expectations, and our meeting if not exceeding your expectations.