CSS3 Experts Deliver Website Beauty and Flexibility

CSS is the language of the web that controls your site’s layout, color scheme, typography, and other important elements of user experience.

An expert CSS coder / web designer can create impressive designs with little more than CSS and smart HTML syntax. Great CSS & HTML structure can also make your site quickly adaptable to new design themes. With the advent of CSS3, you can now have a website that responds dynamically to the size of the browser, meaning, your website can be optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone with one codebase.

CSS has been extended with systems like LESS and SASS. These are CSS pre-processors that your developers can use to make your CSS more logically structured, quicker to work with, and more efficient when needing to make site-wide changes.

A very good practice that your developer should be aware of is known as CSS minification. When developing a site, sometimes many CSS files will work together to create your site’s design. Each file will require an HTTP connection in order to be transferred to your computer, and each HTTP connection takes time to be opened, transfer a file, and be closed. Furthermore, these files will have line breaks, and spaces, and comments, and other characters, all of which consume bytes, that do not have a direct effect on the site’s design.

So, a logical best practices is to combine CSS files whenever possible, and to eliminate all non-essential characters from the files. This both reduces the number of HTTP connections needed to complete transfer of your website’s files, and reduces the size of the file(s) that do need to be transferred.

There are many techniques that can be used to minify your CSS. At Endertech the technique we use will depend on the framework we’ve selected for your site. For instance, with WordPress and other CMS systems there are often plugins that can help with this. With custom sites built using Symfony, we rely on Assetic.