Endertech is Your Expert HTML Team

Expert HTML Coders & PSD to HTML Pros

HTML is the foundational language of the web. If you know no other language, HTML alone will allow you to design and implement your website.

These days, a solid understanding of HTML5 is mere table stakes to the web design & development game. Be sure your software development company / partner has expert level knowledge and technique when it comes to the HTML of your site.

Proper HTML structure has bearing on everything from the speed of your site, to its usability, to visibility in search engines. Poor HTML structure can make your site slow because browsers will have to work harder to render the content. Poor structure can make your site hard to navigate due to illogical information architecture. Poor HTML structure can even make your site’s content invisible to search engines!

On the other hand, great HTML can not only make your site fast, easy to use, and popular with search engines, it can make your site interoperable on multiple devices with the advent of HTML5 and its close cousin, CSS3.

Endertech’s Development Process


Getting Organized
Our developers first need to understand your products and your goals. Structuring your files properly is the first order of business, as it affects so much else down the road. From there, we focus on user experience, marketing considerations, and whatever initiatives are your priority.


Visuals Clarify Direction
With the team all on the same page about the nature of your business and objectives, we turn to designing solutions. These can be frontend visual or backend logistic in nature depending on the task. The outcome of the design phase will be clear directions for our Los Angeles developers.


Plans Ready, Time to Build
With the clarity achieved through our design plans, our developers will be assigned and our project managers will push the project through to completion. You will receive regular status updates all along the way.


Ready for Takeoff!
Our technical practices will ensure a smooth deployment with minimal, or no downtime.


Always Be There for You
We remain ready to support, whether through SEO, digital marketing support, or continuing development enhancements to improve conversions on your site.