MySQL Consulting & Database Administration

Do you have data that needs to be organized and stored for use on your website? MySQL (SQL stands for “Structured Query Language”) is one of the world’s leading open source relational database systems. MySQL and the PHP programming language have grown and matured together because of their open source nature.

They have become formidable competitors to the expensive options offered by the largest software companies. Website users want pages to load quickly. As your website traffic increases, pages will need to be loaded simultaneously. Faster running SQL queries retrieve data quicker and decrease overall page load times.

Your website server can accommodate more requests if SQL queries are optimized. Best of all, the MySQL and PHP combination provides an excellent performance to cost ratio for web & database development.

EnderTech is a Los Angeles software development company with an in-house team of designers and developers experienced in MySQL and PHP.

Why Should You Use EnderTech?

You can count on EnderTech’s expertise in MySQL performance optimization as well as an overall skill in making SQL queries run faster. An additional benefit is our experience of having utilized MySQL as the database of choice since our founding in 2000.

Your business or organization will receive efficient, cost-effective service and quality production as a result of EnderTech’s professional processes.

From beginning to completion of a project you can count on communication, the setting of objective expectations, and our meeting if not exceeding your expectations.