What is Rackspace Cloud?

Rackspace has been a leading hosting company for over a decade and their cloud services are a top echelon offering of virtualized computing resources such as cloud servers, cloud databases, load balancers, storage, and more.

The Rackspace cloud enables savvy consultants and server administrators to quickly spin up and configure new servers. This can be to rapidly deploy a new site or web service on a single server, or to quickly construct a cluster of servers to support a rapidly growing site.

Similar to Amazon’s offering, AWS, the Rackspace cloud offers server instances, database instance, block storage devices, load balancers, and more. Their interface is considerably simpler and more intuitive than Amazon’s, and their customer support is lightyears ahead.

Should I use Rackspace cloud for my site?

Probably. We recommend Rackspace for the majority of our clients unless there is a persuasive reason why Amazon is ideal. Rackspace provides a great combination of quality infrastructure, convenient management tools, rapid scalability and customer support. Amazon has the edge in price… however, the edge is slight enough that it really only matters at very high volumes.

We recommend that you leave the hosting platform choice to an expert developer and/or systems administrator who will be responsible for supporting your infrastructure.

They will understand your website’s software deeply, an the pros / cons of different hosting providers and platform configurations. Letting your cloud server consultant decide and setup your infrastructure is surest path to a fast and stable environment.